Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bored at my House

Today is really boring. My sister and I were braindead and couln't think of anything to do. With that said, I am totally bored. All I can do is play Age of the Empires, and wait for more comments on my blog. My sister and I cleaned out her fishtank. It was a total mess and not to mention disgusting. All that is left to do is clean. I need to mention that I am already sick of that today. I cleaned my room, and my sister's fishtank. It doesn't sound like much until you see my room and then you will feel bad for me. It goes from spotless to disaster in the matter of one day. When my mom cleans it, that makes it two until it becomes a mess again.She gets really mad and wonders what she is doing wrong.But it's actually me doing something wrong. Well my sis is waiting, so I have to stop writing.

Katie the Queen

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