Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finding Water

I'm excited about participating in Finding Water! Check out the blog if you haven't already! I do my morning pages with my mom because my mom is doing this too. This might inspire me to do more art and go more inspiring places, like antique shops, art galleries, etc... Well, I'm very excited!!!

Katie the Queen


Leah said...

i'm glad you're joining in, katie! you have a beautiful blog!

TammyV said...

oh, the places you'll go! It is very hard for me to get myself out of the house on artist dates, but this week I did a really good job of it and even took my walk (that was today, which is actually week 2, but I took pictures so I'll call it walk for last week and artist date for this week). I didn't post on my blog today, tho, I'm trying to get back thru a bunch of these blogs! You're right up there with your mom - who I stop by every day. It's very fun to see you here!