Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baby Goats

Our goat, Ducky, had three adorable baby goats. One of them died(the only girl), something just wasn't right. The other two are very healthy. One is brown and one looks like the mommy.Click here if you would like to see some pictures. They are so cute!

-Katie the Queen


Elizabeth said...

Hello! Just found your blog on FW list. I have to say I adore the goats ... I'm REALLY jealous, Would love to have goats. WOW! They are really cute.

By the way, i love how you have done your blog - how did you get the page to go green like that???

Laura B. said...

The goats are very cute, Katie! Thank you for sharing pictures.

I am in Finding Water, too. I hope you are still having fun with it, seeing new things on your artist dates. I think it's really great that you are doing this with your mom---!