Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well, the baby goats have names. The brown goat is Gryphon and the little gray one is named Phoenix. The momma goat is not accepting Phoenix. She actually threw him over her back yesterday with her horns! I started crying, it was so horrible. We are now bottle feeding him. He is so funny though. He climbs on the stacks of books and plays with one of our small dogs. Right now, he is sleeping under the desk. He is the cutest thing ever! So is Gryphon, but we don't see him as much. We are going to let the momma out and reunite the two brothers. I think we are going to do that now.

Katie the Queen


Elizabeth said...

Hello - Is it your birthday today? If so 'Happy Birthday!' from me.

Karen said...

You're it! I'm tagging you!