Friday, April 06, 2007

Been Gone for Long

Well speaking of long, I cut my hair on Wednesday night. It is now a little below my shoulders. I might get bangs soon, but who knows. I woke up early this morning thinking I had school, but I have a 4 day weekend.The goats are still cute, although Gryphon is WAY bigger then Phoenix. We recently burned their horns, which stops the horns from growing. We did this for various reasons. My mom mentioned that if the get caught on the fence with their horns on a hot day, they could get dehydrated. Also, without horns they can't hurt us.Yesterday, I was looking through scrapbooks with my sister and it was fun to see myself in pictures when I was a baby. I'll try to find a good one to post. Well, I'm off to the studio to make "green" for my Illo. I also have to reply to a tag.

Katie the Queen

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